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January 2017

    VA BBQ Restaurants

    Sibley & Son Bar-B-Q, Colonial Heights, VA

    January 30, 2017
    Sibley & Son Bar-B-Q

    We took a little ride to try out Sibley & Son Bar-B-Q at The Keystone Truck and Tractor Museum in Colonial Heights, VA. They are a branch off of   Sibley’s BBQ in Chester, VA whom I’ve already reviewed. I’ll stick with using Sibley & Son for this review to keep them separate, plus this is the name on the business card that was given to me. I’ll give you a little history with this post. One of our readers…

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  • Mountain View BBQ
    VA BBQ Restaurants

    Mountain View BBQ, Orange, VA

    The BBQ Trail leads us to Mountain View BBQ in Orange, VA this time. After a trip to The Cheese Shop in Stuart’s Draft, VA we thought it would be a good opportunity to…

    January 18, 2017