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Watford’s Bar-B-Q, Bishopville, SC

August 12, 2017
Watford's Bar-B-Q

Today we’re going to visit Watford’s Bar-B-Q in Bishopville, SC. We spent a couple of weeks traveling south and west through 11 States. Along the way we visited 18 different bbq restaurants. This was a great trip. We met many wonderful people along the way. So let’s get started by jumping off of I-95 at Bishopville, SC. This will be the first of many to follow, so I hope everyone follows along and enjoys the ride as much as we did.

Where is Watford’s Bar-B-Q Located?

Watford's Bar-B-Q

Watford’s Bar-B-Q
Bishopville, SC

Watford’s Bar-B-Q is located on Main Street in Bishopville, SC. We found them by doing a Google Maps search for bbq from the interstate. They were not too far off the interstate and pretty easy to find.

The Restaurant and Staff:

The restaurant is a nice little brick building. They have a pretty good size dining room and everything is well kept. We were greeted when we came through the front door and walked up to the counter to place our order. Jennifer, the manager, waited on us. She was very nice and also helpful with the menu. We ended up going with her suggestion since there were a couple of things we were not sure of. So let’s get to it.

Our Choices at Watford’s Bar-B-Q:

Watford's Bar-B-Q

BBQ Plate with Hash over Rice, Slaw and Hushpuppies.

This was a rare occasion where Tammy and I both ordered the same thing. Although I believe I went large and she did not. By the way, in hind sight I really didn’t need to go large either.


We each ordered the BBQ Plate. It came with hash over rice, slaw, and 3 hushpuppies.

The pork was chopped. It had a slight mustard and vinegar sauce which was very good. Yes this is SC BBQ Sauce folks. Don’t knock it until you try it. This one was actually pretty good. They didn’t over power the meat with sauce.

Our slaw was good too. It was sweet and chopped fine. A very nice touch for a side. Now the hash over the rice was wonderful. Neither of us could get enough of this fantastic and different side. All they would tell us was that it’s homemade. No secrets given away here. Finally the hushpuppies were also killer. Light and fluffy on the inside and crunchy golden brown on the outside. Pups don’t get any better than this.

Needless to say we were miserable when we left Watford’s Bar-B-Q. Though well worth it.


As I said, Watford’s Bar-B-Q uses a standard SC BBQ Sauce. It’s made with mustard and vinegar. I have tried a few different mustard sauces and usually don’t care a lot for them. This one was different though. I believe because the mustard was not overpowering. I really did like the sauce here.

Final Thoughts:

So to sum up our visit to Watford’s Bar-B-Q, I’d have to say we enjoyed it very much. Everyone there was very nice and pretty much as I expected from a small town in rural South Carolina. In fact, Bishopville is not too far from some of my relatives. I think anyone traveling on I-95 would be pleased to check them out. I know I’d go back without even giving it a second thought.

Now For Your Thoughts:

You can tell that I really liked Watford’s Bar-B-Q. Now’s the time for others to let us know what you think of them. Have you been there already? How was it?

What do you regulars think?

In a small town like Bishopville, there has to be a strong local support base there. Fill us in on what you think of your hometown restaurant. Tell us about the people working there and running the place. What is the rest of the menu like? I can only offer a snapshot of our visit. The local folks can really add to the story. Here’s your opportunity to let everyone else know how you feel about this restaurant.

I look forward to hearing from you. Send in your comments and I’ll get them posted as soon as possible. Help fill in the blanks about Watford’s Bar-B-Q.


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I didn’t find a website for Watford’s Bar-B-Q but you can check out their Facebook Page at:

Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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