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The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint, Ocean Springs, MS

September 2, 2017
Shed BBQ and Blues Joint

After leaving Pensacola we headed on a planned route to visit The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint. This place has been on several Food Network shows and even had their own show for a while I believe. I needed to see what all the hype was about. So off we went for dinner at this place after the lunch we had in Alabama. This was going to be tough but it had to be done.

Where is The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint?

The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint is located on Highway 57 not far off of I-10 in Ocean Springs, MS. Not hard to find. They have several billboards advertising the place, plus GPS will walk you right in. With only about 3 – 4 hours behind us since lunch, here’s how it went.

The Restaurant and Staff:

Shed BBQ and Blues Joint

The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint
Ocean Springs, MS

Did you ever see a bbq joint that you thought may fall in on you or should be condemned? Well if you went be looks you probably would never go in this place. “Shed” is an overstatement. The outside could pass for an abandoned farm outbuilding (outbuilding not outhouse). Inside a little better. The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint definitely has atmosphere. It is quite large. You place your order at the counter then find a seat. The area we were in was full of picnic tables and had a wooden floor. After sitting you listened for your name to be called, flag the waitress down and she brings your order to the table. Everyone working there was really nice and very friendly. Like I said the place has atmosphere.

Our Choices at The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint:

Shed BBQ and Blues Joint.

The Original Shed Sampler Platter.

After checking out the menu we decided to go with the Original Shed Sampler Platter. This platter has seven meats and comes with three sides. All the meats are smoked with pecan wood. This should feed a family of 4 normal eaters. Here we go:

Baby Back Ribs. These had excellent flavor. They did not fall off the bone but they were not tough either. The baby backs just fell somewhere in the middle for tenderness.

Spare Ribs. Also had an excellent flavor. I loved both types of ribs here.

Sausage. The sausage was good but not my favorite. With all that I had to choose from I probably didn’t give it the best of chances. I just moved right along.

Chicken. Again good. Nice smoke flavor but like with the sausage I didn’t go for more. There were too many other meats to eat.

Pulled Pork. Good flavor and a nice smokering. Honestly though out of the 7 meats the pork would come in 4th. Placing behind the two types of ribs and

the brisket. Not bad by any means but the others were that good.

First Choices from the Sampler.

Brisket. Very good flavor. Good smokering and bark on the outside. This brisket was moist and tender on the inside. I thought it ran neck and neck with the ribs.

Wings. And our last meat on the platter were the smoked wings. They were good just seemed to me to have the same flavor as the other chicken.

All in all the seven meats were very good. Just some were better than others. If I had to pick two they would be the Baby Backs and the Brisket. Since I would not be able to enjoy all these meats the way they should be, I’d limit myself to two and pig out.

The Sides:

As I said we had three sides to go with this platter, Slaw, Mac & Cheese and Baked Beans. The slaw had a good flavor. It was mayo based with large shreds of cabbage. A good choice. The mac & cheese didn’t look great but turned out to be very good. It had plenty of good cheese and a nice texture. The baked beans were excellent and my favorite side. They had a really good flavor and a nice thick sauce.

All three of our sides were very good choices.

Final Thoughts:

This bbq joint is highly commercialized. Don’t let that stop you. All the staff was exceptional, friendly and helpful. The tables were cleared and wiped as soon as you leave. These are old picnic tables. There’s also a long list of TV shows they’ve been featured on. It’s located at the counter where you place your order.

All in all The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint is still a fun place to check out. If you’re ever in the area give them a shot. They also have a pretty large gift shop.

Now For Your Thoughts:

So what do you think about The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint? This place is tourist central so a whole lot of people go through here. How about some of you piping in with your thoughts. We’d love to hear them.

What do you regulars think?

Are there regulars at The Shed BBQ and Blues Joint? This is one place that I would not be real sure of. With the tourism business is there still a local base? If you’re out there drop us some comments and tell us about your experiences. What keeps you going back? How about some help with the rest of the menu. Get your comments in and I’ll get them posted with this review. Let everyone know what you think about the Shed BBQ.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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You can check out their website at: http://theshedbbq.com/

You can also find them on Facebook at: https://www.facebook.com/TheShedBBQ/

Their Facebook page looks like it has a lot of fun stuff on it. Give them a look.


Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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