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Prissy Polly’s Bar-B-Que, Kernersville, NC

December 5, 2017
Prissy Polly's Bar-B-Que

Today we’re going to stop at Prissy Polly’s Bar-B-Que in Kernersville, NC. Yes our trip is nearing an end. We were traveling on I-40 Business now heading for our connection with I-85 North. Initially I wanted to visit a restaurant we have been to before in Burlington, NC but decided to stay with finding new places. After all this trip has been all about finding the new. And this would turn out to be our final stop on this 2 ½ week journey. Restaurant number 18 is the end of this line. It’s been a fun trip with many good restaurants along the way. The people we have met have been great. I hope to see many of you again someday. I don’t know if we will ever make a trip like this one again but as long as I have nieces that continue to live in Florida and Oklahoma I guess anything is possible. One thing I have learned along my trail is to never say never.

Where is Prissy Polly’s Bar-B-Que?

Prissy Polly’s Bar-B-Que is located on Highway 66 South in Kernersville, NC. Just a short hop off I-40 Business at Exit 15. Looking at a map they don’t appear to be far off of I-40 from Exit 203. We didn’t get a chance to take in the town but what we saw looked nice. I love a small town.

The Restaurant and Staff:

The restaurant has a very nice dining room. It’s large and clean. We ordered at the counter and then took our food to a table to eat. The staff was friendly and very helpful though we didn’t have a lot of interaction with them. They did help us out with our selections. We did meet one very nice lady who was also a customer when we were eating. She told us about the restaurant and their involvement with the community. They are also very supportive of our veterans. Sounds great to me already. I wish I could remember the lady’s name but I didn’t write it down so there’s no chance of that happening. Maybe if she catches wind of this she will remember talking with the two from Virginia that travel and write about bbq restaurants. That would be nice. So let’s move into our food choices.

Our Choices at Prissy Polly’s Bar-B-Que:

Prissy Polly's Bar-B-Que

Regular BBQ Plate with Brunswick Stew and Seasoned Fries.

Starting out with my choice, I had a Regular Pork Plate (Lexington Style) with Brunswick Stew and Fries. And before I move on let me say that the regular size was plenty for me. I left feeling very full. The round rings in the picture that appear to be onion rings are actually hushpuppies. Let’s start with the hushpuppies at Prissy Polly’s Bar-B-Que. I’ll just say that they are a little confusing to look at but delicious to eat. The puppies were great.

The pork was really good. It had a slight sauce, Lexington Style, mixed in with it. About half way through I added more of their homemade sauce to give it more kick. You could see the smoke ring in some of it. The fries were very good as well. They were seasoned with a dry rub or something along that line. The Brunswick stew was wonderful. It had large chunks of potatoes, corn, butter beans, and meat all blended just right. I loved it.

Small BBQ Plate with Mac & Cheese. Note the Hushpuppy Rings.

Tammy ordered the Small Pork Plate with Mac & Cheese. She got hushpuppies with her plate too. The mac & cheese was fantastic. Tammy thinks it may be the best she’s had at a restaurant. That’s a major compliment. She would be the M & C connoisseur.


The homemade Lexington NC Sauce was excellent to me. Though I’m not an expert in the Lexington sauces I really liked it at Prissy Polly’s Bar-B-Que.

Final Thoughts

Prissy Polly's Bar-B-Que

Veteran’s Wall.
Prissy Polly’s BBQ. Kernersville, NC

As I have already said this is the last stop on our trip. It was a really nice one to wrap things up for us. I loved the Veteran and Western Décor. With the many stops we made along the way it would have been easy for them to start blending together but that didn’t happen. And our visit to Prissy Polly’s Bar-B-Que was no exception. Each restaurant we stopped at stood out in one way or another. This was such a fun trip for me. To the restaurants at the end of the trail like this one I’m sorry it has taken so long to get you posted. I thank you all for being patient. I don’t want to sell Prissy Polly’s short by talking about the trip in general, they too stood out in their own way. We really enjoyed our visit. Only wish would have been for more interaction with the people working there. Not a setback though, this was still a good stop and I’d recommend giving them a shot if you pass through that area. I’m glad we did.

Now For Your Thoughts:

I believe it’s time to ask other’s to give their thoughts on Prissy Polly’s Bar-B-Que. If you’ve been here while passing through how did your visit go? What was your impression with them? We’d be interested in hearing your thoughts too. Send your comments in and let me get them posted with this review.

What do you regulars think?

So how about the regulars at Prissy Polly’s? What makes you a return customer? Fill us in on what you really like about this place. This is a good opportunity to let others know about your restaurant. We’d like to hear from the employees there as well. Get me some comments so I can post them as well.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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