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Old Post BBQ, Russellville, AR

November 9, 2017
Old Post BBQ

As we continued our way home we made a stop for lunch at Old Post BBQ in Russellville, Arkansas. We had decided to get off the interstate and do a little antiquing. Other than that I’m not real sure how we ended up here. The part we visited was a nice older town and we found a couple of places to shop for antiques. While riding down the road we spotted Old Post BBQ so we penciled it in for lunch after a little shopping. So here’s what we found.

Where is Old Post BBQ?

Old Post BBQ

Old Post BBQ. Russellville, AK.

Old Post BBQ is located on Rt. 7 also known as Arkansas Ave. They aren’t too far off of Interstate 40 which is the route we were taking home. The restaurant was pretty easy to find. Like I said we passed it going shopping and chose to return that way for lunch.

The Restaurant and Staff:

Old Post BBQ is a nice little local owned restaurant. It’s a very neat and clean place with very nice people. The current owner has had it for about 5 years. He seemed to be very passionate about the restaurant and the food there. The waitress we met was also very nice. So let’s get into some food choices here.

Our Choices at Old Post BBQ:

Old Post BBQ

Pulled Pork Plate. Old Post BBQ.

I chose the Pulled Pork Plate with Potato Salad and Baked Beans. The potato salad was good. It was good ole southern style. The baked beans were delicious. They were seasoned with pieces of brisket. The pulled pork was good. It didn’t have a lot of smoke but it still had some bark mixed in. The pork was pulled off in large chunks. It was very good with their sauces.

Tammy went with the Sliced Brisket Plate. Her sides were Baked Beans and Twice Baked Potato Salad. The twice baked potato salad was awesome. They serve it warm with melted cheese in it. Great side choice. The brisket was good too. Again not a lot of smoke but enough to get some flavor. It was also good with the mild sauce.


Sliced Brisket Plate. Old Post BBQ.

I did try two sauces at Old Post BBQ, the Mild and Chipotle. Both were very good sauces. The Chipotle sauce was not too hot and had just enough bite to it.

Final Thoughts:

While we didn’t have a lot to go on for this one, what we did have was pretty good. We actually went with a lighter than normal lunch for this trip. The folks we met there were really nice and the food was good. I’d stop there again. This was another small local owned bbq joint like we love to find. The people always make the difference.

Now For Your Thoughts:

So now let’s open it up to hear some of your thoughts. Have you stopped in for lunch or dinner? How did your visit go? Send in some comments and I’ll get them posted with this review. Tell others how your visit went.

What do you regulars think?

How about some regulars chiming in. We’d really love to hear from you. Let us know what keeps you going back. How’s the rest of the menu? What are the other people working there like? Fill in the blanks which I have left in my write up. You know more about this place than I do. Love to hear from you.

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Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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