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Ocracoke Island, NC Vacation Part 2

July 5, 2017
Ocracoke Island, NC

Now I have to wrap up our Ocracoke Island vacation post so we can get back to chasing bbq. I want to say how wonderful Ocracoke is. Just to be able to get there and relax, walk the beach, listen to the waves and the birds. To us this is the ultimate vacation spot. Throw in going before tourist season kicks in and it’s like having your own private island retreat. In addition to the restaurants we visited there are also some great shops on the island. There are probably some we still haven’t visited even as long as we’ve been going here. Add some other fantastic services like charter fishing, kayak and boat rentals, plus I guess some great fishing (never seen a shortage of fisher-people there) and Ocracoke Island turns into a paradise that you can afford.

I will mention again at the end of this post but right now I’d like to get anyone reading this that has been to Ocracoke Island or lives / works there to start thinking about the many places that I don’t mention in the two blog posts I have written. You can leave comments to this post or the Part 1 post and let others know about this wonderful place. This will also offer business owners a chance for a free plug for their business. Whether it be a restaurant or one of the many other businesses on the Island. Leave your comments and I’ll get them posted. This may be the last chance to get anything not bbq on here for others to read so send them in.

With all that being said, let me finish off our vacation. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did writing it, not to mention living it.

Breakfast and Lunch on Ocracoke Island:

Ocracoke Island

Sweet Tooth / Fig Tree Bakery, Ocracoke Island, NC

  1. We made a few luscious stops at the Sweet tooth / Fig Tree Deli too. Breakfast here is a wonderful thing. We had country ham, egg and cheese biscuits. I stayed with the traditional biscuit and Tammy went for their sweet potato biscuit. They were great. But there had to be more…for me there was the very large cinnamon buns. For Tammy, there were the cranberry orange muffin and a bear claw. Add to that the chocolate cake, which we had to go back for more of, and the toll house pie and I think we’ve covered it. Well except for when we went there for lunch. I had a club sandwich and Tammy got the “Hammin”, a ham with bacon, Swiss, lettuce, tomato and honey Dijon sandwich on a bagel. You pick which bagel you want. Yes, this is a wonderful place which you need to try. The sweets are out of the park as was everything else we ate from here. See their page:
  2. Ocracoke Island, NC

    Ocracoke Coffee Company

    I also made a breakfast run to the Ocracoke Coffee Company. Here I picked up a couple of cinnamon buns and muffins. They were all good also. Even though the pastries here are pretty good, it seems to be the place to go for different types of coffee. It’s kind of like the Island’s version of one of those famous coffee shops. By Island version I mean that it is far more laid back here. People come for various coffees and just hang out on the porch. It is a social event, not just a coffee stop. This isn’t 7-11. My biggest drawback is they are located on the Back Road and I seem to forget that they are there. Sorry guys. Maybe I’ll do better next time. Find them at:

Coming Home from Ocracoke Island:

  1. The Smile Burger with Fresh Cut Fries. Burger Burger, NC.

    Our trip home found us in Avon, NC around lunchtime. We stopped at one of our favorites in the area, Burger Burger.

    The TexMex Burger with Fresh Cut Fries. Burger Burger, Avon, NC.

    They have some of the best burgers you can buy. Tammy ordered the Smile Burger. This comes with “Crisp” Cheddar Cheese on it. I don’t know how they do it but it’s like they fried the cheese to make it flat and crispy around the edges. Brilliant idea. It was really good. I ordered the Tex Mex Burger. It comes with cheese, chili, fried jalapenos, and onions. Awesome comes to mind. Both burgers came with fresh cut fries. And the Fresh Cut Fries, well they are in a league of their own. Simply fantastic. Just don’t go in looking for fast food burgers. These are prepared to order. It is worth the wait. You can get more information at:


  2. Burnt Ends with Mac and Cheese and Beets. Currituck BBQ Company.

    Finally our last stop on the way home was at Currituck BBQ Company in Barco, NC. We had tried to find a new place for the blog but it didn’t work that way. So when all else fails you go to one of your faithful spots on the BBQ Trail. We have enjoyed Currituck BBQ for some time now and I’ve already done a review for them on the blog. This is one of my older reviews but you can still read it at: In addition to the review on my blog, I do like the Brisket more now than when we first went there. I will say that we do like coming here. Good food and good people. And as a footnote, they have remodeled the dining room and made it larger. It looks very nice and is always a pleasure to visit. Check them out on Facebook at:

Final Thoughts:

So that’s how our eating experiences went while staying in Ocracoke. There have been no bad choices. We get treated well everywhere we go. The only thing I can suggest is to plan your visit long enough to check out as many as you can. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed. By the way, be sure to check out all the great little shops on the Island. Each one offers its own little unique Island flavor. Plan your trip on line so you can fit them in. That’s not even counting the other services offered for fishing, boating, sightseeing, etc.

Now For Your Thoughts:

We’d love to hear your thoughts about any of the businesses or services on Ocracoke Island, NC. We love it down there but what do you think. Fill us in on your visit. What’s your favorite? Leave your comments and I’ll get them posted as soon as possible.

What do you locals think?

We love the locals on Ocracoke. Everyone we have met has been wonderful. Fill us in on some of your favorite things about the Island. That is, other than late October after all the tourist are gone. Give us some extra information about different places on the Island. It doesn’t have to be just food choices. Anything on Ocracoke that you’d like to point out to visitors is good. Give your business a plug or that of a friend. Get your comments in so that they can be posted for everyone to read.

I look forward to hearing from you. I’d love to see many more businesses added to this story. Send them to me and I’ll get them on the blog post.

I’ve included lots of links for you to enjoy. Check these places out.

A good place for information about the whole Island is:


I always encourage you to share this review on Facebook and other social media sites. Follow us on Facebook to see where else we go.


Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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