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Ocracoke Island, NC Vacation Part 1

June 15, 2017
Ocracoke Island, NC

After being evacuated from Ocracoke Island, NC last year due to Hurricane Matthew we thought we’d try it in the spring before hurricane season. Turned out to be a pretty good week. We did have some rain and thunderstorms but managed to work around all of that for a great week long retreat. So I decided to document the places that we ate at even though there was very little bbq to speak of. I just feel that the restaurants there were worth writing about whether they were bbq or not. You will find a few places I’ve already reviewed mentioned here so the trip was not totally without.

This turned into a rather lengthy review with many businesses mentioned and lots of links to their sites. With that in mind I decided to run this in two parts. Tammy and I love it in Ocracoke and my wish is that some of that will show and maybe get you interested in taking a ride down there. It only takes one short trip for you to figure out whether you love it or can live without it. We think it’s great. So let’s get started and see what you think.

Where Did We Stay?

Ocracoke Island, NC

Sabra’s Cottage, Ocracoke Island, NC

We have stayed at a beautiful little cottage the last two times we went to Ocracoke. The name of it is Sabra’s Cottage. The cottage is pictured on the front page of this post. It’s managed by Ocracoke Island Reality. You can look them up on line at: This cottage is perfect for a couple visiting the island. One spacious bedroom, a large bathroom with a shower and Jacuzzi tub and a kitchen / living room area which is quite large. It is nicely decorated and kept very clean. Drawback is you have to clean up behind yourself. There is no daily maid service like you’d get in a motel. We think it is well worth it and look forward to our next visit already, just have to pick the dates.

The Restaurant Heading Down:

Our first stop heading down to Ocracoke was BJ’s Carolina Café in Jarvisburg, NC for an awesome breakfast. They are located right on Highway 158. I had country fried steak with a sausage gravy on top along with perfectly fried eggs, fried potatoes and toast. Potatoes were killer also. Thick slices fried up nice and crunchy. Tammy had same but with country ham instead of the steak. Check them out on Facebook:

The Restaurants in Ocracoke:

While in Ocracoke we ate at some fantastic restaurants. Here’s the list and there is no order to them.

  1. We made a lunch stop at Eduardo’s Taco Stand. We over ordered thinking the portions may be small but we were way off. Very good authentic Mexican food and a very nice size too. I had shrimp fajita tacos and a shrimp burrito. Both were very good. The burrito would have been plenty for lunch. Tammy had beef burrito and something tropical. Everything was exceptional. If you like Mexican or just curious you need to check this one out. Take a look at: Very much worth checking out while on the island.
  2. Ocracoke Island, NC

    Jason’s Restaurant. Sea Scallops and Seafood Gumbo.

    Multiple stops at Jason’s Restaurant provided many different items to try out on their menu. We had a pizza which I feel is the best on the Island. My other choices included Sea Scallops with cheddar ranch potatoes, Seafood Gumbo which I’ve waited for several years to try. The stars finally lined up and they had it when I was here. It was worth the wait. More of my samplings include a blue fish lunch and a seafood trio for dinner another night. I also tried out their Ocracoke Style Clam Chowder. It is similar to Hatteras Style in the fact that both are a clear broth chowder, nothing like New England or Manhattan Styles. The clam chowder was excellent as well. Tammy also had lasagna and the Uncle Bunkle Sandwich another time. Everything we had was wonderful. For us Jason’s is like a home away from home. We always enjoy eating here. You can find them at:

    Blackbeard’s Feast. Ocracoke Oyster Company.

  3. We also had dinner at Ocracoke Oyster Company a couple of times. It was also wonderful. Tammy had fried chicken which was really good and a Pulled Pork Sandwich on our second visit. Both times I went for my favorite, “Blackbeard’s Feast”, fried, which comes with the fresh fish of the day, shrimp, oysters, and a crab cake. They also serve wonderful curled fries. These are thick slices of fried potatoes that have a curled shape to them. Save room for the brownie sundae for dessert. Everything was fantastic. I love their seafood. Find them on the web at: I’ve also reviewed their bbq on my blog, be sure to check that out as well at:
  4. Ocracoke Island, NC.

    Chicken Provencal.
    Flying Melon.

    We went for dinner at the Flying Melon one night for something different. We haven’t been therein several years so we wanted to give them a try. Also, Bob, one of our favorite locals recommended them for a nice night out. Bob and Barbara run The Secret Garden, a very nice jewelry and art shop. We’ve been visiting them for years now and never leave empty handed. We shop for the unique handmade jewelry. We see Bob every time we go down. Both him and Barbara are super nice and friendly. Check them out at So it turns out he was right.

    Flying Melon Café.

    While the Flying Melon is a little more upscale than some of the other eateries, they are not overly fancy. Remember we are on an island so most people are dressed pretty casual. I wouldn’t go there in shorts and a t-shirt though some probably do. None the less Tammy had Chicken Provencal, which neither of us had ever heard of. Our waitress was wonderful and a great help with this. Turns out that Tammy really liked it. I went for the Fried Shrimp Dinner. It also came with sautéed squash and fried red skin potatoes. Both meals were excellent. We also indulged in a couple of desserts. Tammy had some type of chocolate pie which was more like fudge, rich and great tasting. I had a blackberry mango cobbler with vanilla ice cream. I would definitely recommend the Flying Melon for a nice night out. Check them out at:é-118855304797847/.

  5. Another lunchtime found us going to the Jolly Roger Pub and Marina. This is a fun, out on a patio watching the seagulls and pelicans while we ate place. I had a crab cake sandwich and Tammy ordered a bacon cheeseburger. Both were excellent and we enjoyed watching the birds and just looking out over the harbor while dining. We like going here for lunch. I think they may liven up a little more in the evening. It is a pub also. See what you think at:


To Be Continued. Please feel free to leave any comments that you may have up to this point. Remember there are more to come.

Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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