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My Place Bar-B-Q, Muskogee, OK

October 29, 2017
My Place Bar-B-Q

Well today we made a stop at My Place Bar-B-Q in Muskogee, OK. We have left Oklahoma City to begin the last leg of our trip heading home. Thus far it has been a wonderful trip. I’m figuring on 4 – 5 days to make our 3-day journey home, so no hurries / no worries. Heading east on Interstate 40 we wanted to hit up one more spot in OK before leaving the state. Being a Sunday, several places were closed. I finally found this one doing a “Google Maps” search. It didn’t look too far off our course so off the interstate we went. So here we go.

Where is My Place Bar-B-Q?

My Place Bar-B-Q is located on Gibson St. in Muskogee, OK. Trivia question: How many remember Merle Haggard’s “Okie From Muskogee”? I do and that’s one of the things that sparked my interest. I wanted to see the town that he sang about. Oh I’m sure it has changed in the last 40 – 50 years but this was nostalgia. After riding through a small portion of the historic downtown area I could see this song taking form. Looked like a really cool old town. As it turns out Muskogee was a good 20 – 25 miles north off the interstate. A nice ride none the less. My GPS did disappoint me. It took me through several neighborhoods along with a few roads I thought I’d need the 4 Wheel Drive before getting us to the restaurant. But at last we did make it.

We did spot a pretty nice antique mall along the way. So after a heavy lunch we went to the Old America Antique Mall on 32nd Street. This was a fun stop with lots of “stuff” for people collecting pretty much anything. Take a look at their Face Book page for more information about them at: https://www.facebook.com/Olde-America-Antique-Mall-1720340558279548/ Hope you enjoy.

The Restaurant and Staff:

My Place Bar-B-Q is a very nice restaurant. They have a large dining room and was very well taken care of when we visited. Our waitress, Tammy, was very nice and friendly. She kept tabs on us as we ate to be sure everything was ok. The other people working there were all nice. We enjoyed our visit. Everyone stayed pretty busy so we didn’t get to spend much time talking to a lot of folks there.

Our Choices at My Place Bar-B-Q:

My Place Bar-B-Q

Buffet Sampling.
My Place Bar-B-Q.

Both of us ordered the buffet so here’s the break down on what we had.

The Sliced Beef was very good. It was soaked in juices from the meat making it very tasty and moist. There was also Chopped Beef which was good too. It had a little sauce on it and gave it a good flavor.

On the pork side we had Sliced Pork. The pork had a pretty good flavor though it didn’t have a lot of smoke flavor. They also had Spare Ribs on the buffet. These turned out to be my favorite today. The ribs had an excellent smoke flavor as well as being a little charred on the outside. These ribs rocked today.

Other meat choices today included Smoked Bologna which was very good as well. It had an excellent smoke flavor and had also been charred on the outside like the ribs were. The flavor was real good. Finally we also tried the Fried Chicken Bites. The chicken was also good. They were nice little chunks of white meat fried just right.

My Place Bar-B-Q

Fresh Cooked Fresh Cut Fries.

Now let’s check out some side dishes. We had some Baked Beans with really good flavor. Next came the Fried Okra. This was some good crispy okra. It didn’t have any special flavoring added to it. Good none the less. We also tried the Onion Rings. These were nice and crispy on the outside with sweet onion slices on the inside. Pretty good.

The final side was Fresh Cut Fries. These are not on the buffet. Your waitress will bring these to you fresh cooked. They were excellent. Also, they will bring you all you want. So if you start running low, just ask your waitress for more. Can’t beat that.


We tried a couple of desserts. One was cake with caramel on it. This cake had something like a graham cracker base. It was pretty awesome and the best we tried today. I also tried the Cherry Pie. The pie is a basic cherry pie, good but even better with ice cream on top. No complaints here.

Final Thoughts:

My final take on My Place Bar-B-Q, we really enjoyed ourselves. The food was far better than what I expected from a buffet. Everyone we met was very nice. I had no complaints and would stop there again if we make it back to Muskogee.

Now For Your Thoughts:

So are there any other visitors out there that would like to add to this? If you’ve been here how about telling us about it. Let everyone know how your visit went.

What do you regulars think?

I’d really love to hear from some of the regulars out there in Muskogee. What makes you go back? How’s the rest of the food? What’s your favorite? You can add so much more to this post than I can from one visit. Let people know what you think about your restaurant.

I look forward to hearing from you. Leave your comments here and I’ll get them posted as soon as I can.

I always encourage you to share this review on Facebook and other social media sites. Follow us on Facebook to see where else we go.

I have not found a website for My Place Bar-B-Q.

The Facebook page doesn’t have much but you can take a look at: https://www.facebook.com/My-Place-BBQ-218421664914123/


Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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