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Kelly’s BBQ, Walnut Grove, GA

August 16, 2017
Kelly's BBQ

We made our next stop at Kelly’s BBQ while heading to Florida. Deciding to spend the night in Covington, GA we set out to find some Georgia BBQ close by. A search of the area on our phones located Kelly’s not far from our motel. Off we went on our next adventure to see where we’d end up. Here’s how we made out on our quest.

Where is Kelly’s BBQ Located?

Kelly's BBQ

Kelly’s BBQ
Walnut Grove, GA

Kelly’s BBQ is located at the intersection of GA 138 and GA 81 on Leone Ave. in Walnut Grove, GA. They are actually only about 10 miles from Interstate 20 at the Covington Exit. Not knowing the area we did use GPS to get us there but they were not hard to find.

The Restaurant and Staff:

The restaurant is pretty small. They have about 5 tables inside the dining room and 5 – 6 outside on the front porch. It was a little loud for us inside but everyone was friendly. A couple of the employees were talking to some locals and with the noise from the kitchen they just got a little loud at times so they could hear each other. Nothing bad or rowdy.

We placed our orders at the counter then chose our seat. Once our food was ready they brought it out to us. Again, very friendly service.

Our Choices at Kelly’s BBQ:

Kelly's BBQ

BBQ Plate at Kelly’s BBQ
Walnut Grove, GA

As unusual as it is, Tammy and I both ordered the same thing again. Again the difference being I went large. The small plate comes with slaw, fries, and a piece of Texas toast. The large has the same plus Brunswick Stew.


So here we go with my order. The pulled pork was really good. It came lightly sauced with a sweet tomato based sauce. They do not over sauce the pork so you still get the flavor of the smoked meat. Good job. You can add more sauce at the table if you want it. The fries were just plain French fries. They were good but had nothing done to spice them up. Some dry rub seasoning or other flavoring would be good. The slaw was very good. It was sweet with a mayo base. Not too heavy on the mayo. My Brunswick Stew was good but not great. I added their hot sauce to it and I really liked it much better. I’d get it again and just add a little sauce at the table.


We didn’t go for any desserts this time around. It was getting a little late and we wanted to head back to our motel and rest up for the next leg of our trip the following morning.

Final Thoughts:

So my thoughts on Kelly’s BBQ would end up as it is a nice stop along the way. I’m glad we found them. The bbq was pretty good and we enjoyed ourselves.

Now For Your Thoughts:

How do you feel about Kelly’s BBQ? Have you been here before? What was your experience like? This is your chance to let the rest of us know what you think about your visit there.

What do you regulars think?

We’d love to hear from some regulars there. You are the ones that can provide far more information about Kelly’s than we can. What are the people like? What do you like or dislike on the menu? Anything you can add would be great. Drop some comments off and I’ll get them posted along with this review so everyone can see it.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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You can check out their website at:

I could not locate an official Facebook Page for Kelly’s BBQ.

Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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