How Patrick’s BBQ Trail Began

What are we doing at Patrick’s BBQ Trail? Well we’re traveling around the country on a quest. We’re looking for great BBQ. This mission has already begun. I have already written reviews on “Trip Advisor” which has also fueled my desire to start this blog. My main goal is to share information with you and hopefully have some fun along the way. I’ll be writing about the many restaurants that we have already been to. Many are in VA and NC, but we’ve been as far west as Texas and as far north as Vermont. Yes there is bbq in the North. The one thing that I have already learned is that even though the styles vary from region to region one thing remains a standard, great food. To do this you have to approach it with an open mind and willing taste buds. The region that I live in is famous for Eastern NC BBQ (vinegar based) and I love it. However, I’ve found that other areas, including Memphis style, Kansas City, South Carolina and Texas have a lot of great tastes to offer if you’re willing to try it. My wife and I have been traveling and eating bbq for a few years now. She says I plan vacations around it. Though this is not totally true, I do check the internet for restaurants once we decide where we are going. Over the past year she has begun putting a scrapbook together of the many restaurants we’ve eaten at. Along with the pages that she has created I have written reviews for each of them. The places that we have already been to will be the start of this site. From there I’ll continue posting reviews as we are always looking for a new place to find good bbq. I’m always looking for new places for Patrick’s BBQ Trail to expand to. I will welcome comments on the reviews. We may visit a restaurant on a bad day or an exceptional day. Tastes vary and mine is not always going to be the same as yours. With over 80 restaurants reviewed in many different states I have a good idea about what I’m looking for. The reviews will not be limited to just pulled, sliced, chopped, or minced pork. I also love ribs, beef brisket, and most anything else that has been smoked. Brunswick Stew is also tops on my list to be on the lookout for. As you can see, we will visit many areas of this world of bbq. We may also venture into some recipes or cooking techniques, as I love to make sauces, rubs and cook. So with my wife’s help and my sister’s suggestion of starting a blog, here we go.