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Hog Wild Beach and BBQ, Gulf Shores, AL

August 29, 2017
Hog Wild Beach and BBQ

We found Hog Wild Beach and BBQ once we left Pensacola, FL kind of heading for Texas. After attending one wedding we had a week to meander our way to Oklahoma City, OK. So we started out by cruising along the Gulf Coast to see what we could get into. We quickly learned that the end of July was no time for us to explore these beaches, way too many people for us. We did manage to get this one last bbq stop before aborting our original plan and heading north to get away from the coast. Don’t get me wrong, we don’t live far from the beach at home but far enough to avoid tourist season. Our beach trips are usually in spring or fall. But enough of that.

Where is Hog Wild Beach and BBQ Located?

Hog Wild Beach and BBQ

Hog Wild Beach and BBQ.
Outside wall of restaurant.

Hog Wild Beach and BBQ is on one of the main highways leading into Gulf Shores, AL, Highway 59 Gulf Shores Parkway. The area did kind of remind me of OBX areas (Nags Head, Kitty Hawk, etc.) back home. The restaurant was actually pretty easy to get into and out of. Also close enough to the beach that anyone there could make a pretty quick drive for lunch or dinner. To me this is not walking distance but some may think it is.

The Restaurant and Staff:

They have a nice set up at Hog Wild Beach and BBQ. There are about 12 tables inside. And they also have some pretty cool art work on the outside of the building. When we walked in there were two young ladies working the counter and we were greeted right away. Both were very nice and friendly. One waited on us and helped us through the menu questions. Especially Tammy’s which you’ll understand when you read what she ordered. After we placed our order we just picked out a table and they brought our food out when it was ready. So far everything was working out really well. Nice spot, smelled great, clean and friendly. And the food?

Our Choices at Hog Wild Beach and BBQ:

Hog Wild Beach and BBQ

Pork Plate with Fries and Baked Beans.

Since this was a lunch stop I didn’t want to over stuff myself so I went with the Pork Platter with House Fries and Baked Beans. The Pulled Pork was pretty good. It had a nice smokering and a light smoke flavor. The pork was good without sauce. My fries were really good. They had an “Old Bay” type of seasoning on them. Whatever the seasoning was it was a really good addition to the fries. My baked beans were also very good. The sauce had a good flavor with a hint of mustard and maybe a little brown sugar to it. Whatever combination they use is worth getting the beans for.

Well keeping in mind this was to be a light lunch stop, Tammy ordered their “Tantrum” Sandwich. Hog Wild Beach and BBQ describes this sandwich on their menu as “this whopper of a sandwich”. Anyway, it’s made with their Pulled Pork, French Fries on top of the pork, and topped off with their “Famous White BBQ Sauce”. No this is not a light sandwich. It was however, pretty awesome. Honestly I’m not a huge fan of the Alabama White Sauce but theirs blended on

Hog Wild Beach and BBQ

The Tantrum Sandwich with Mac & Cheese.

this sandwich so good. Do not let the sauce scare you away, try it. She also had an order of Mac & Cheese. This too was really good. Plenty of cheese went into the making of this side and you can tell just by looking at it. The real treat comes when you taste it. Oh yeah.



I did try out the original sauce at Hog Wild Beach and BBQ. This sauce was very good. It had a tomato base along with a little kick. It really went well with the pulled pork.

Final Thoughts:

This turned out to be another good stop along the BBQ Trail. I think the owners and employees take pride in their food and the service they provide. But again this is my snapshot. Let’s see if anyone else would like to share their experiences with us.

Now For Your Thoughts:

We’d really love to hear from others who have been here. With this being in a beach/tourist town there should be many different thoughts about Hog Wild’s BBQ. How did your visit go? What other foods did you try? Fill us in on your thoughts.

What do you regulars think?

How about the regulars? Even with the beach location Hog Wild Beach and BBQ has to have a local fan base. Here’s your chance to let others know what you think. What are the people here really like? Is there something special that keeps you coming back? Drop us some comments and let us know more about the place. You can take this opportunity to help your local business out by leaving comments about them and sharing this on your Facebook or other Social sites.

I look forward to hearing from you. We’d really love to hear what other’s think and add the comments to the blog post. Just send them in and I’ll get them posted.


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Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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