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The Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro, Waynesboro, VA

February 2, 2018
Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro

We’re going to take a ride back towards the mountains to visit The Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro. As you may guess by the name, they’re in Waynesboro, VA. Let’s take a step back for a minute before I get going on this one. Some who have been with me from the beginning may recall me writing about The Fishin’ Pig in Farmville, VA. Yes that was way back in July 2015. I sort of enjoyed the look back to see how far we’ve come. Anyway, The Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro is an expansion from Farmville. I’ve added Waynesboro to the title just to be able to keep them separate. I do invite you to take a look at the Farmville location too. You can find them at this link: However, from this point on we’ll be talking about the newer restaurant location in Waynesboro.

The Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro is located just off of I-64 next to Cracker Barrel. You have to exit the interstate at exit 94 to Highway 340 towards Waynesboro. Their address is on Apple Tree Lane. Very easy access back on the interstate also.

The Restaurant and Staff:

The Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro is either a new building or a newly remodeled one. Outside the building is very nice looking. Inside is even better. When we first walked in you could smell the fresh cut wood from the décor. Everything inside looked new. They have a large dining room and a bar area too. It’s really a nice looking restaurant.

We were greeted as soon as we walked in and taken to our table. Our waiter, Michael, came right over to get drink orders. He was a very nice young man. Michael told us the restaurant has been there for about 9 months. I just found them about a month before our visit. Michael helped us with our questions and then placed our order. He seemed to know the menu quite well. We didn’t have to wait long until our food came. He was also very attentive to us while we ate making sure we didn’t need anything. Everyone there was super friendly. They made us feel very welcome.

Tammy’s Choices at The Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro:

Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro

Mac-N-Skillet with Brisket.
Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro.

I’ll start with Tammy’s selection today. This sounded very interesting on the menu and Michael assured her it was a very good choice. She went with the Mac-N-Skillet with Brisket. This did turn out to be an awesome choice. It is Mac & Cheese topped with Tater Tots, melted Cheddar Jack Cheese, Bacon and Brisket. They garnish it with Scallions. And it’s all served in a cast iron skillet. The brisket is cut into cube like pieces, similar to burnt ends. It really was fantastic.

And My Choices:

Now moving on to my choice for the day. I went with Grady’s Smoke Shack Sampler. This is a platter with ¼ Rack Ribs, Sliced Brisket, Pulled Pork, Pulled Chicken, and Andouille Sausage. The sampler comes with slaw and hushpuppies. I added an order of Baked Beans and some Fried Green Tomatoes for us to share. So starting with the sides I’ll say the slaw was pretty good. It is homemade and has just a slight touch of sweet to it. The baked beans were good too. They had a nice thick sauce with meat cooked into them. The fried green tomatoes were really good. They were served with a type of dill dipping sauce. They were good with the sauce or without. Thinking about all the fried green tomatoes we eat now I have to think that my grandmother is up there laughing at me. She used to try to pay me to eat them when I was a kid. I wanted no parts of them back then. Now I love them. Go figure that one.

Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro

Grady’s Smoke Shack Sampler.
Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro.


Bring on the Meats:

As for my plate full of meat here’s the rundown on it. The pulled chicken was pretty good though as you know I’m not here for the chicken. It comes on the platter so I went with it. If you like chicken you’ll probably like it here. It comes with a little sauce mixed in with it. The sliced brisket was good too. Although it was not the best I ever had it would still make a good meal. I’d like to have a little more smoke flavor to it. It’s served without sauce. You can add at the table if you desire. The pulled pork was about like the brisket as far as the smoke flavor goes. It was good but just not enough smoke for me. Now I did add some sauce to the pork and it became very good. I think the pork, brisket and chicken are prepared so that you can add sauce to them to create the flavor you want. I did enjoy all of them with sauce added to them which is a nice change from my normal.

My favorites for the day were the ribs and the sausage. The ribs were tops. Served with no sauce, charred on the outside and tender on the inside. They fell off the bone. I loved the ribs. And the Andouille Sausage was great. This is a Cajun style link sausage with some spice to it. They split it open and grilled it. I loved it. I ate the sausage with and without their mustard sauce. Great either way.


I tried all of the sauces at our table. There was Sweet Memphis, Carolina Vinegar, Red Texas Hot Sauce and Georgia Mustard. As I said I used the mustard with the sausage and it was wonderful. The others were good but my favorite of the day was the Red Texas Hot Sauce. It had just the right kick to it.

Final Thoughts:

Please don’t take my descriptions of the meats as I didn’t like The Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro. I really did like them and will stop there again. I believe theirs is a slightly different style but it’s really good. Just don’t go in looking for a super strong smoke flavor. We very much enjoyed our visit there. Everyone working was great and we had a wonderful experience. I’ll be looking forward to our next visit.

Now For Your Thoughts:

Ok. Now that I’ve mixed your heads up how about letting us know how your visit went. We’d like to hear from others who have visited The Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro. What was your experience like? Was your service good? Was your food good? Drop some comments off and I’ll get them posted with this review for everyone to read.

What do you regulars think?

And how do the regulars feel? I’d love to know. What keeps you going back? Is it the people? The food? What’s your favorite? Here’s your chance to fill us in on the rest of The Fishin’ Pig Waynesboro story. You know them better than we do. Send in those comments and let the rest of us know about your restaurant. I’ll post them right here with the review for all to read.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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