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EBF Smokehouse, Waynesboro, VA

December 10, 2017
EBF Smokehouse

While driving home from my sister’s home in West Virginia we decided to stop by EBF Smokehouse in Waynesboro, VA. I have seen reports on line that they had closed. I tried several different ways to contact them after posting the review and never got a response from them. So today we stopped to see for ourselves. I’m sorry to say that they have indeed closed. It also looks like they cleared out the restaurant. If you’ve read this review you’ll know how sad this is. I hate to see anyone go out of business but especially those who serve such wonderful food. I hope someday EBF Smokehouse will reopen. I’d love to hear from them one day. So please don’t go out of your way to get there at this time. Sorry for any inconvenience.

Sign in Window at EBF Smokehouse. “Closed until further notice.”

Today we’re going to make a stop at EBF Smokehouse in Waynesboro, VA. Nothing like a trip to the mountains to clear your senses. And nothing like the smell of a restaurant smoking meats to work on your sense of smell and hunger. And by the way, you may ask, “What does EBF mean?” That would be “Everything But Fish.” Seems they smoke everything but fish there. So with a trip to the Cheese Shop in Stuarts Draft behind us we decided to slide over to Waynesboro for diner. We had tried to eat here once before but they were closed. Having checked to be sure they were open, it was on this time.

EBF Smokehouse is located in a strip of stores on Lucy Ln. in Waynesboro, VA. They are just off I-64 at Exit 94. Take Hwy. 340 / Rosser Ave. towards Waynesboro. If you’re not familiar with the area let your GPS guide you in. They are up on a hill off of the main road. Not hard to find, just a matter of making the right turn off the highway.

The Restaurant and Staff:

The restaurant is medium size and they also have outside seating when the weather permits. Everyone there was very nice. We enjoyed talking to all the folks there. If anything I think the only negative would be that the music was a little too loud for me. But if their regular customers like it, I’m not going to let that stop me from going there. We may have been too close to speakers also, I didn’t notice.

When you walk in you place your order at the counter. As you order you can also watch the meats in the open smoker behind the counter space. Oh have mercy this place smelled good. They were killing me with anticipation. Once Tammy found out there were no Burnt Ends available they helped us make our choices so that we could try the most. After we ordered we chose a seat and waited for them to call our number so we could pick up our food.

Our Choices at EBF Smokehouse:

EBF Smokehouse

The Carnivore Platter with Pulled Pork and Sliced Brisket.

OK, I think you’re going to love this one. Tammy ordered the Carnivore Platter. This is ½ pound of Pulled Pork, ½ pound of Sliced Brisket and 2 sides. Her sides were Baked Beans and Mac & Cheese. No she didn’t get this for herself. I’ll talk about my order in a minute. But we did split both orders up so we each could try a variety of what EBF Smokehouse has to offer. The pulled pork was killer. It had lots of smoke flavor as well as being nice and moist. It was excellent. And the brisket was awesome. It too had a really good smoke flavor, bark around the edges and really moist on the inside. We both loved the pulled pork and the sliced brisket.

The beans were made with some type of molasses giving them a thick sauce. They were really good too. The mac & cheese was also good. It was nice and creamy with plenty of cheese and a great taste.

EBF Smokehouse

Half Rack Ribs with Slaw and Potato Salad.

My contribution to this feast was a Half Rack of Ribs Platter with Cole Slaw and Potato Salad. The ribs were excellent. They had a little heat to them. And they were sauced and messy, great ribs. The heat may have been from the sauce or the rub I’m not sure. I loved them, Tammy did not. She still doesn’t like spicy food.

The potato salad was pretty good. It had large chunks of potatoes and tasted like there was some sour cream mixed in. Not being a fan of sour cream I’d still have to say that this potato salad is very good. The slaw is a fine chopped sweet slaw. It also was excellent.


I tried out the Sweet and the Hot Sauces at EBF Smokehouse. Both are a tomato based sauce and both were good. I really liked the hot sauce. It wasn’t super-hot but it had some kick to it. Seemed just right to me.

Final Thoughts:

I’ll have to say that we really liked this place. Ok, maybe we even loved this place. The people were great and the food was awesome. I know we’ll be going back because they didn’t have burnt ends when we went. Based on the edges of the brisket that we had the burnt ends should be awesome as well. We’ll call before making the 3 hour trip there next time to be sure they have them. But even with that there is no way I can say I was disappointed with anything there.

I told my brother-in-law about EBF Smokehouse and he made a stop there when returning to W.VA one day. He called to tell us that he just had the best brisket he had ever eaten and can’t wait to go back. I’m thinking Tammy and I could meet him and my sister there one day for a meal. It’s probably about half way. That would be fun.

And don’t forget that Waynesboro is right at the North end of the Blue Ridge Parkway and the South end of Skyline Drive. This makes them very easy to get to while traveling those wonderful roads through the mountains of Virginia. Some carryout would make an awesome picnic along the way. Just a thought.

Now For Your Thoughts:

So as you can read, I’m hooked. How about the rest of you? Have you dropped in at EBF Smokehouse when passing through on I-64? What was your experience like? Send some comments in so we can post them with this review. Others would like to see what you think also.

What do you regulars think?

How about the regulars up there around Waynesboro? I know that I would be a regular if I lived out there. But tell us your side of things. Fill us in on the details that I missed. I can’t get it all on one visit. You can tell even more than what I have written. Drop some comments in and fill in some gaps in my story. We’d really love to hear from you. Take this chance to let everyone know about your restaurant. All comments are welcomed and I will get them posted as soon as possible.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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