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Chuck’s Bar-B-Que, Opelika, AL

August 20, 2017
Chuck's Bar-B-Que
Chuck's Bar-B-Que

Chuck’s Bar-B-Que
Opelika, AL

Continuing our way south and into Alabama we found Chuck’s Bar-B-Que for lunch. I met the owner, Jody Escoe I believe is correct. He was a wonderful guy to talk with. They were very busy and he still took the time to tell me a little about the business. He said that he bought the business about 6 years ago but had worked there for a long time before that. He tries to keep the restaurant going like it did with the previous owner. I don’t know how it was with the previous owner but you’ll see what we thought with the current owner.

Where is Chuck’s Bar-B-Que Located?

Chuck’s Bar-B-Que is located on Short Ave. in Opelika, AL. They’re right across from the Police Station. We were traveling on I-85 and found them doing a search on my phone. I then let GPS guide me in. They were not hard to find and we had easy access back to Interstate 85.

Chuck's Bar-B-Que

Smokin’ at Chuck’s Bar-B-Que, Opelika, AL

The Restaurant and Staff:

The restaurant is in a nice brick building. They have a pretty good sized dining room and everything is kept very clean. We first arrived there were only a couple of people there. Before we finished with our lunch they were swamped with customers. The young lady that took our order was very friendly. She helped us out with menu questions and all our different choices. As the lunch rush came in we watched all the employees working together and didn’t see anyone get upset, employees or customers. As busy as they got we saw nothing go wrong today and we were sitting close to the counter.

Our Choices at Chuck’s Bar-B-Que:

Chuck's Bar-B-Que

Two meat plate with Ribs and Chopped Pork.

Now to get right into our orders. I went with a 2 meat combination plate with Chopped Pork and Ribs. My sides were Que Stew and Baked Beans. It also comes with a slice of bread and dill pickles. The ribs were awesome. I ate them without sauce. The smoke and meat flavors blended great and then just melted in my mouth. The chopped pork had excellent smoke flavor and a good smoke ring. It also had some bark mixed in. I ate most without sauce and it was wonderful. Before finishing I did try some with their house made mustard/vinegar sauce. The extra flavor the sauce added without overpowering. The baked beans had a

Chipped Pork Plate with Brunswick Stew and Macaroni Salad.

great flavor and a nice thick sauce. Loved them too. And the Que Stew is their homemade Brunswick Stew with chopped pork on top, and not just a little bit either. The bread and pickles were a nice Mid-West touch. We’d seen this in KS, OK, and TX on our previous trip west.


Tammy went with the Pork Plate with Brunswick Stew and Macaroni Salad. Her pork was Chipped Pork with a light sweet sauce. The sauce and smoke blended well and brought out the best of the pork. Tammy said the macaroni salad was good but not her favorite. Since I don’t care for it there were no

points lost on the macaroni salad with me. And her Brunswick Stew was really good. It seemed to me that it had almost a chili base to the stock. I really liked it and especially mine with the chopped pork on top. That made it killer.


Chuck's Bar-B-Que

The Que Stew. Brunswick Stew topped with Chopped Pork. Awesome!

The only sauce I added at the table was the mustard/vinegar sauce. I used a little to finish off my pork just for the sake of giving it a try. It was really good even though nothing I ate needed sauce added to it. Tammy’s chipped pork had a sweet bbq sauce mixed in. It was good as well. Just two different ways to prepare the pork and both turned out very good.

Final Thoughts:

As you can tell we really liked this stop. We’re just starting to see some of the different styles of preparing bbq that I’m really looking forward to on this trip. I only wish it had been for supper instead of lunch. We had a lot of miles yet to ride with all that food stuffed inside. However, be it for lunch or for supper, I highly recommend you to get off of that interstate and try Chuck’s Bar-B-Que out. It doesn’t take that long and you’ll definitely be glad you did.

Now For Your Thoughts:

Here’s your opportunity to let others know what you think. Have you been to Chuck’s Bar-B-Que? How did you like it? Fill us in on your visit and let’s see how it compared to ours.

What do you regulars think?

With the rush that arrived at lunch there has to be a good base of regulars here. Fill us in on the rest of the story. What are the people like? How is the rest of the menu? This gives you a chance to put a plug in for your restaurant. Help them pull others in whether it’s travelers or more locals. Leave me your comments and I’ll get them posted as soon as possible. Will you help us spread the word? I certainly hope you will. Thank you.

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Enjoy the ride, good eating and thanks for stopping by.

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