About Me

Profile PictureHi. My name is Patrick. Some say that I have an obsession with BBQ. I just say that I happen to love it. I love all types of bbq, Eastern NC, Western NC, Memphis, Kansas City, Texas, etc. I’d have to admit that I’m partial to Eastern NC because of where I live and I was raised on it. I still keep an open mind and love trying the different styles.

My wife and I love to just hit the road to find new places to eat. When the weather permits we love to go for a topless “Jeep Ride”. We don’t really care where we end up as long as we have a good time getting there and back. Sometimes we head for a specific area for a new restaurant and sometimes I just do a search on my phone once we get somewhere. I want to share these experiences and hopefully help others find great bbq and avoid some not so good bbq.

I hope to hear from others about the comments or reviews that I will put out there. I don’t expect everyone to agree, but I do expect us to be nice.

Happy Travels and Good Eatin’…