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August 2017

    Alabama BBQ Restaurants

    Hog Wild Beach and BBQ, Gulf Shores, AL

    August 29, 2017
    Hog Wild Beach and BBQ

    We found Hog Wild Beach and BBQ once we left Pensacola, FL kind of heading for Texas. After attending one wedding we had a week to meander our way to Oklahoma City, OK. So we started out by cruising along the Gulf Coast to see what we could get into. We quickly learned that the end of July was no time for us to explore these beaches, way too many people for us. We did manage to get this one…

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  • Kelly's BBQ
    Georgia BBQ

    Kelly’s BBQ, Walnut Grove, GA

    We made our next stop at Kelly’s BBQ while heading to Florida. Deciding to spend the night in Covington, GA we set out to find some Georgia BBQ close by. A search of the area on our phones located Kelly’s…

    August 16, 2017